NFTRH 487 Partial ‘Wrap Up’; Precious Metals, USD and Sentiment

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Among the improvements I’ve made to the service (with the help of suggestions from subscribers) over the years has been putting in a table of contents for easy reference to the analysis of the various report segments and also moving the Wrap Up segment to near the beginning of the report, again for easy reference. Through all my years in business I actually learned to love making improvements (cue the old corporate lingo “continuous improvement”) and I happen to love these two small but key improvements.

Anyway, here is the last part of the Wrap Up segment from NFTRH 487, fyi…

nftrh wrap up

The “silver leads gold” part was from the previous week while the rally, which hit our targets, was still on. I personally did some profit taking and covered a NUGT short at that bounce point. Now we gauge whether the rally is intact with the knowledge that the sector as of now, remains “nothing special”.

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