IKN’s Gold Bug Manifesto

Seriously, he does not often write long posts on the blog (and indeed, this is an excerpt from the venue where he does take a lot of time and care for his subscribers, the IKN Weekly) but in this case, Otto lays out a long, well spoken view of gold and gold buggery.

Time to Be a Gold Bug (from IKN 456)

Like me, he is all too aware that there are decent, good and intelligent members of the gold “community”, but that there is also scumbaggery the likes of which would make the average off-Wall St. boiler room inhabitant blush.

If you don’t already, and I know a lot of you do, you should keep up with the IKN blog for a unique view of the scam infested junior mining sector. Yesterday in a post I mentioned a few great whites in the waters of the broad markets. Well, in junior mining that goes more than double; it goes exponential. But there are rational and thoughtful elements among the sharks.