Gold Prices This Week and Next Week’s Outlook

It’s actually just a standard weekly article title at Gold-Eagle. In this one we go into the miners and the pros and cons currently in play for the sector as well. The precious metals are on the expected rally from December through January and short-term trends are bullish. It is best not to read more into it just yet. An inflationary tide is lifting many … Continue reading Gold Prices This Week and Next Week’s Outlook

NFTRH 482 Out Now

The thing is, I write these reports and I am certainly no smarter than anyone else. And yet the reports – in my opinion and in the opinions of many subscribers – are very helpful as a great tool of preparation for these markets. I feel tuned up about the US market’s status, what countries I favor around the world, the best commodity segments and … Continue reading NFTRH 482 Out Now