Happy Festivus

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I got a lot of problems with you people. Now… you’re gonna hear about it!

  • You… mainstream financial media, harvesting eyeballs with your inflammatory headlines to the detriment of inexperienced investors who may not know that your job is to seize the hysteria of the moment and turn it into a story when the best thing for said investor is to tune things out and avoid knee jerk emotional decision making.
  • You… obsessive gold bug chart analyst, transfixing people with your patterns and authoritative sounding conclusions. You are dumb enough to think your charts are a guide to the future, without any consideration of real fundamentals. A friend of mine who worked at a financial institution once told me that the real analysts used to laugh at the TA department. It’s easy to see why.
  • You… obsessive gold bug fundamental analyst, touting inflation this, India/China love trade demand that and global geopolitical risk the other thing. You promote emotional investing and people lose money, but you don’t care because it’s in the promotion that you make your money.
  • You… Central Bank; it’s obvious you are the root of much of the evil that will one day be evident in hindsight. You are a tool of the ultra rich and the corporatocracy. You have disenfranchised the middle and lower classes through systematic inflation and asset price increases, and now in some ways even driven them insane to the degree that they elected a cartoon as president of the United States. A cartoon that is the direct servant of the rich asset owner and corporate classes. Great job. Fiscal policy takes over from monetary policy in the make the rich richer game.


Sometimes I think I have grievances with everybody, but then in personal communications I am often humbled by how many nice, smart and thoughtful people there are out there. I’ll be confident they know that my grievances are not with them, nor I’d have to think, the vast majority who read this website. Trump diehards, political ideologists and conventional monetarists are probably long since gone anyway, if they ever were part of this readership.

I am actually very pleased with how this year is ending and excited about how logical the plan for 2018 currently appears to be. Now, if it’ll only stay that way. Thank you dear website reader for putting up with my sometimes opinionated views and dear NFTRH subscriber for putting your trust and faith in me. I will live up to that responsibility. You can bet on it. We are dialed on 2018. Like old Frank above, I have a lot of grievances. But I don’t let ’em get in the way of successful market management.

So anyway, happy Fevistivus, merry Christmas, happy holidays of all persuasions and happy New Year folks.