So I go to ESPN to check the Rangers/Kings box score and here’s this little nugget on our fine, upstanding president.

Meanwhile, Trump pumps on…

I have disliked some presidents (Bill Clinton first and foremost) and I have admired certain aspects of others (George Bush 1 & Obama) *, but this president is someone I could not stand when he was a gamer of the debt-for-riches economic system and a TeeVee star on some dumb ass reality show. Now? He’s the friggin’ president of my country. When this fantasy unwinds and causes much harm in the years to follow, about half the people in America are going to wonder ‘whaah happen?’

* Relax, my conservative friends; I said “certain aspects”. Obama was in my opinion dignified and respectful of other people. Ditto for GB 1, for that matter.