“Just Too Much Crazy… “

[edit] I am speechless…

I normally avoid politics like the plague, in my market management and in Biiwii’s content. But this morning warrants an exception.

‘Suck It, Steve’: Republicans Lash Out At Bannon After Devastating Alabama Loss


So mass discontent swept Clinton out of the picture (a very good thing IMO, in and of itself) and swept a creepy cartoon-like stock market pumper with an orange spray tan right into it, front and center. Mass discontent also brought in a whole host of lunatics and downright scumbags.

But… pendulums…

I learned a long time ago in business that the pendulums always swing and systems self-correct or more accurately, self-adjust. So now the Republican party is being adjusted. Even as it goes wrong (in my opinion) with its so predictable corporate welfare tax package and fiscal policy to benefit the wealthy (and screw all over the average Trump voter) just as the Obama era’s Fed-stoked monetary policy did, the Republicans are freeing themselves of the seedy elements that gave them back the White House.

But a Democrat just got elected in Alabama and the clown show wing of the Republican party put him there. That’s an err, adjustment.

Heisenberg goes on about Bannon and what a clown/tool/moron he actually is. Check out the link above. It’s quite entertaining.