In an Instant (OT)

In an instant your life can change.

An issue (of my own creation) with a person close to me almost turned into a fatal and life-long situation that would have been painful for us both and had detrimental effects on loved ones beyond the two of us. Problem is, at our age “life-long” is no longer a given to mean ‘way out on some distant horizon’. Someone who I did not personally know died yesterday but his passing put our situation into great perspective. Details withheld.

Also yesterday, I was outside dealing with the massive leaf cleanup I deal with every fall here in the sticks. It was dusk, near dark. I was pulling a large tarp full of leaves into the woods when a small tree branch (well, something between a branch and a twig) snapped into my face, pissing me off. I took the branch and broke it in half.

But we have this weird brush around the property. It didn’t just break, it splintered and shot something into my eye. I’m like ‘ouch, what was that?’ as I thought it hit my eye and bounced away. I go to feel my eye and I’m like “there’s a fucking stick in there!”. Not caught in the lid but it actually impaled my eye ball. It was like a large toothpick or a tiny spear. I pulled it out (I could actually feel it dragging out of the eye tissue) of my eyeball and was relieved to still be able to see. It put a puncture in the white area but left me with full vision… both literally and hopefully figuratively.

This is another one of those rare O/T perspective posts by a guy who maybe gets too wrapped up in his work.

Life… it’s lessons just keep on coming.