Adding UUP

Well, in support of the firm dollar view I keep touting, more money is put where the mouth is and to my anti-euro position (EUO) I am adding the strong dollar fund UUP. These are not trades being touted, they are members of a risk-managed portfolio, which now includes by the way, a short against junk bonds as well. Subscribe to NFTRH Premium for your … Continue reading Adding UUP


NFTRH; USD, Stocks and Gold Sector as They ‘Should’ Be

The title of the update is a bit sensational because there are no ‘should be’s in the market. There is only what the market says. But what it is saying at the moment is that our view of USD strength, stock market weakness and a constructive gold sector is looking good. In a public post yesterday (I urge subscribers to monitor the free content at … Continue reading NFTRH; USD, Stocks and Gold Sector as They ‘Should’ Be