No One Ever Went Broke Taking Profits; GSV & BTG Edition

Booking both of these, each for +12%. BTG was added per a note in a regular report and GSV was an NFTRH+ highlight the other day. I’m taking the GSV profit because it is squarely in the projected bounce zone and the BTG profit just because I want to, to put it in less than technical terms.

Now we wait to see what the “bearish bulls” * are going to do. I still think the miners can get chased higher over the next few days, but with GDXJ rebalancing on Friday and FOMC on deck, it’s not exactly quiet out there, looking ahead to next week. FWIW, I think the Fed does another 1/4.**

I for one am in cash raising mode, and that includes any regular (read: non-PM) stocks that look at me the wrong way by making technical violations. I want it to be a calm and enjoyable summer, especially if the sun ever comes out again!

[edit] I forgot to mention, I also took a partial profit on KLDX, on which I had been over weight in stupidly catching the bottom last week. 

gsv btg

* Thank you so much for that term, Joe. A classic. I usually make up my own but this one I am stealing. 

** In looking at my portfolio this morning I see that SHV (cash equiv.) is starting to kick off a little bit of income now. I expect the Fed to increase this more before the next financial/economic emergency crops up.

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