A Memorial Day Memory

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Burgers, dogs and beer? Nah, it’s about a little more than that.

Today I remember my father who passed away a few years ago after living a life of hard work to better things for his family and himself. Along with the hard work he remembered to enjoy life too. I think he enjoyed his work too; a trait that he passed along to me, at least with respect to my current vocation.

My youth included a lot of fishing out at Stellwagen Bank, Jeffrey’s Ledge, etc. well offshore, Boston. One night he and I got the bright idea to go out there at night. We’re sitting there, not catching anything and whales started sounding all around us; just rising to the surface like they were checking out the two lunatics floating in the Atlantic in the middle of the night. Imagine the silence of a calm, open ocean with these massive and gentle creatures floating around, barely visible in the moonlight. What a memory that is for me.

He served his country in the Korean war and like all others who have served this country, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters (not to mention Grampy and Uncles Ray and Geo), he deserves ultimate respect.

I hate war, especially when declared by people who have never served. I think it is an act that violates probably everything that so many peoples’ god supposedly stands for. But I have the deepest respect for people who serve others, not just in the military but in all sorts of ways.

Okay, remember to do a little exercise before hitting those burgers, dogs and beer! Happy Memorial Day, folks.