Well, That Wasn’t Too Stressful

My wife and daughter had long-since left the room, leaving me to my angst and mental exercises about how not to have this bothering me by the time I get up in the morning to start my day.  I told myself ‘self, it’s only a football game; the run was gonna end sooner or later… ‘ but I sat through the most inept 2+ quarters of football and then things started to turn (but when Gostkowski missed that extra point I wanted to punch the TV).

As the comeback ground on, they kept showing the Falcons’ owner and a woman I assume was his wife.  They went from guardedly joyous to a final shot of him looking stunned and she looking up at him like a lost little puppy dog.  It’s never over til it’s over.

To put this in stock market terms, I wonder if that was a blow off top in the Patriots’ secular bull market.  Whatever it was, it was the best football game I’ve ever seen.

Sure, there was Brady looking possessed, and Edelman making the circus catch that finally closed out that horrific David Tyree helmet catch that killed the perfect season in 2008.  But there was also little known James White and Malcolm Mitchell doing the heavy lifting all through this amazing comeback.

Case closed; best QB of all time: Brady.  Best coach of all time:  Belichick.  Best run business in the major sports industry:  Pats.