Proud of My Country Today

People who are afraid of Trump should not be afraid.  He is activating things in this country that have been long dormant.  I don’t mind admitting right here publicly that I was literally choked up being in the middle of a massive crowd (about 20,000) of regular people standing up to say that this is just wrong.

This immigration policy is the sign of a fearful people and it is un-American, because we are not a fearful people.  I was so glad my kids got to see first hand what America actually is, not what this current occupier of the White House is trying to turn it into.

demonstration, boston

The above is my picture from inside it.  Better pictures here.

Call me a Masshole or a Boston Liberal.  Thing 1 is probably true with respect to my my driving, and Thing 2 is not true.  But right is right and wrong is wrong.  Trump is just wrong.