NFTRH; A Few Personal Portfolio Moves & Notes

As always, when I note moves I have made they should not be construed as being the right moves for anyone else because our situations (goals, allocations, risk tolerances, etc.) are unique and likely very different from person to person.  That said, since I try to somewhat follow the analysis with my portfolio management, I thought I’d note the following.

  • Profit taken on IHI (Medical Devices) iShares at around the measured target of 140.  This was to make room for the addition of device maker WAT (NFTRH+) and copper producer FCX (NFTRH+).  I also took the profit on device maker BSX, at what could be construed as a measured target for its daily chart pattern.
  • Small profit taken on the Real Estate iShares IYR simply because I was too bulked up on equity holdings for my liking, with no short/hedging exposure.  In other words, cash is increased in order to manage risk.
  • I am selling IEF and the remainder of TLT pending the inauguration.  I may or may not consider TIP, as a more inflation-protected variety of bond, but the bond play was just a trade and I want to keep it a profitable one, when considering previous profit taking and the dividend aspect of it (the two positions above will be sold for a moderate loss).
  • Added to the DSLV (silver short) on yesterday’s precious metals pop.  Took profit on DSLV today as silver got hit.  I added a small short position on gold (GLL) that is still held for now.  Profit taken on BTG, KLDX added in its place as it gets dropped today.

Most other items are as they were.  I am interested in either re-buying IHI lower if it fades from the target area, or adding more individual device names to the existing WAT and MDT.  My primary goal for the short-term was to get cash back to levels where I feel strong as opposed to vulnerable. Then, as we go through the inauguration hoopla I want to focus on discrete sectors that look to do well on a relative basis.  The constructive market view can run out to the spring, but is not under an obligation to do so.

With the precious metals I am holding some favored stocks, but protecting them very nimbly, as with the silver and gold shorts noted above.  That’s often a tough way to go, but for now I’d rather do that than dump out of positions since the miners are technically still intact to their rally.  I am not near the allocation I’d like to have if the bounce turns into a real cycle.