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What a whole bunch of nothing.  Not the actual quotes, but as I remember them…

‘he’s a great guy…’ (he’s surrounded by great guys)

‘I care about veterans… ‘ (you’d better be serious on this one)

‘I like that Mr. Putin likes me… ‘ (infatuation is the best stage of a relationship)

‘God made me the best… ‘ (what was that quote? God made him for what?  God made him the best at what?  Is it just me or is a president mentioning himself in the same sentence as his God a little bit scary?)

‘We’re gonna build that wall and Mexico is gonna pay for it… they are good people; I have a lot of them cleaning toilets err, that is to say working for me.  I’m not sure how we’re going to bill them for it, through taxes or whatever, but they will pay for it…’

I was hoping that president Trump would not be like campaigner Trump.  No such luck.  Trump is Trump.  Aside from being the most un-presidential sounding president ever, which I understand some people like, he did not say anything.  All he did was rough up my Healthcare stocks.