Blackberry Finally Gaining Traction

[edit] Well, it’s back to Pallookaville as the gap fills.  It’s okay, I’ve got time.

I have held this one for months now, since the big move away from devices and further into software.  It was an NFTRH+ trade idea that failed (as it triggered the stop loss level) but I held my bag and even added to it.  Now this…

CEO John Chen said the company “is now a software company and the market leader in mobile security,” and cited record gross profit for a second quarter in a row.

Blackberry Rising: FYQ3 Profit Beats, Raises Year Profit View

I don’t often commit like this, but I do have a few positions that I have been holding onto (INTC and CSCO, based on very long-term chart breakouts and the still-intact uptrend in the stock market) or if trading, making sure to re-buy on downside opportunity (CRY).  Then there has been the lowly Blackberry, on which I am a razor thin total of $4.96 away from finally being profitable.

The daily chart is okay, but I have not been holding it for the chart.  It was more out of patience and a belief that John Chen would re-brand and re-purpose this company.  So far, it looks like he’s on track and I’ll plan to continue holding it indefinitely.


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