Portfolio Positions, 1 Week PT (Post-Trump)

The election’s aftermath saw me sell bullish hype (ex: profit on GS and an ill-fated short on IWM, since closed at a loss) and buy negative hype.  Here is how my 2 accounts (trading account is all cash) are set up right now in the post-election atmosphere (subject of course, to change at any point and no, I’ll feel no obligation to report it here at the site; changes are noted either in updates or most often, in the weekly NFTRH report).

So the below is for reference to something I almost never do, which is tout my positions.  I am not recommending you buy any of them.  The yellow highlighted item was today’s only move.  The rest were either held through or added since the election provided new opportunities.

Notice the 2 Treasury bond funds (IEF & TLT)?  I have been called to contrarian task in the wake of the election.  It was time to try a few gold stocks (as HUI hit target) and other items that got creamed during Trump mania; T bonds right up among them, but also some strange bedfellows like Asia (ex-Japan – I’d already been holding currency hedged Japan for a few weeks now), SIMO and GOOGL.

CASH = 78%, incl. SHV & SHY
CASH = 71%, not incl. IEF & TLT, which are risk ‘off’ & income diversification

It should be noted that cash balances are still high relative to what most people consider high cash levels.  I wouldn’t go all in to this market with my worst enemy’s money.  Well, maybe his, but…

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