NFTRH; An Update on Premier Gold

As you know I do not micro manage individual stock positions because I am not a fundamental stock analyst and because to me stocks are vehicles, nothing more, nothing less.  Part of this viewpoint has been formed by my years of dealing with corporate management people (public and private) and often times coming away unimpressed.  But mainly it is because to do my job correctly (running a macro market service) I have got to tune out the ins and outs of individual stock picking and management thereof.

Preamble aside, I have come across information from a trusted source who advises me that a foremost geologist (not named Mickey Fulp) with a large newsletter following issued a ‘sell’ on one of my firmly held stocks, Premier Gold (PG.TO)  nearly a month ago.  The stock is higher now than when this call came out.

The ‘sell’ was based on insider selling and on several fundamental possibilities that even a quality explorer/developer faces.  The bottom line is that I am strongly considering taking the profit on the stock and moving on for now.  At +42% it might be piggish to continue to hold a stock that has valid questions in play.

Again, I only mention it because I held it for a long while and have portrayed it as a ‘quality’ hold.  If you own PG.TO please make your own decisions.  The chart is still fine and the company is most likely still of the ‘quality’ variety on the big picture.  I just did not want those with an interest to open up NFTRH 393 next week and think ‘why’d he dump Premier?’