Gold CoT, Another Test Post

[edit] It appears there was some confusion by at least one reader.  This post is not about the gold CoT or showing something wrong with the CoT.  It is about stockcharts’ charts not displaying to my liking (not crisp and clear).  It is annoying and I am trying to find the reason that other graphics look good but their charts do not.  As for gold’s CoT, it is and has been bearish.  But what I was babbling about below is that it is bearish for a correction, but not worthy of a hypey headline like the one noted below.

It appears has something going on with their images that does not play well with the current theme of this website.  For instance, I’ll post the following charts used over the last few weeks to illustrate why the bearish gold CoT need not be as dire as some headlines make it out to be (the ‘30,000 coffins’ headline is a doozy).

Gold monthly w/ CoT from NFTRH 386…

gold cot

And this long-term view of commercial hedgers from NFTRH 384, two weeks earlier…

gold hedgers

And I’ll bet they will be just fine.  Now what the hell is up w/ stockcharts??

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