Gold Ratios (Daily Charts)

This is the short-term view of gold vs. some of the items it will need to change intermediate trend against in order to confirm 2016 as the year of trend changes I expect it to be.

There are many more ‘gold vs.’ items than those in this post and also different time frames that need to be reviewed.  Gold has been flashing bullish for some time now in several items in the Macrocosm, but gold vs. some key developed stock markets and currencies have been holdouts.  Canadians however, should be paying attention to gold.

Gold vs. S&P 500

gold vs. us stock market

Gold vs. Euro-hedged Europe.

gold vs. europe

Gold vs. Yen-hedged Japan.

gold vs. japan stocks

Gold vs. unhedged Canada.

gold vs. canada stocks

Gold vs. Euro.

gold vs. euro

Gold vs. Yen.

gold vs. yen

Gold vs. Canada Dollar.

gold vs. canada dollar

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