NFTRH 376 Out Now

This week we introduce discrete currency pairs, monthly nominal currency views and favored weekly gold stock charts from separate chart lists that will be maintained for easy access on the fly as needed going forward.

My view isnftrh 376 for intermediate-term bearish in US and global stock markets (pending a few bounce candidates, which I am long) and then a review about bullish possibilities.  In this regard, we will also create lists of US and global ETFs to highlight their bearish and bullish potentials over the long-term.

One day the deflationary grip is going to loosen and then commodities will come into play as well.  Then there are the legions of indicators that need to be maintained and reviewed systematically.

Seriously, I feel like a kid who just finally cleaned out his closet and room (except not under threat of negative parental action) and got things organized.  The easy to read, chart-intensive NFTRH 376 is 38 pages, including said currency and miner charts.  We begin 2016 with existing plans well on track, but with open minds.  I think last year’s volatility within a sideways sag will become this year’s volatility with some significant downward and upward spikes.

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