This is Why You Don’t Stand on Ideology With Gold

Because regardless of the conspiracies you may see all around they are using real bullets!


You are just as dead whether gold is being actively manipulated or not. got a ton of traffic last week at the direction of a gold conspiracy guru (GATA director Ed Steer), who advised the herd to skip over my useless content and go right to the good stuff as provided by Ted Butler.  I wrote this after the experience…

Gold and Silver: Back to Our Regularly Scheduled (de) Programming, concluding with this thought… “The bear market may have more work to do yet.”  Well?

Now, I would be the first to admit that manipulation happens all over the markets.  It is inherent in most markets in one form and to one degree or another.  So why with gold are the faithful implored to just hang in there, fighting the good fight?  Because it’s a promotion, that’s why.  People fight best when their hearts are out ahead of their minds.

Add to this that some gold-bearish fundamentals, as noted in this Biiwii post, are still in play and things make more sense to people who want to think for themselves.

‘But the T bond market is one of the most heavily manipulated on the planet!’  Yah, I know.  It is also a massive market that even with the Fed’s original Op/Twist manip is probably somewhat self-directed by now.  Its signals are stating the Fed is in control and no rag tag band of Yankee Doodle Dandy patriots are going to change that.  Only mass psychology and the failure of reflationary/inflationary policy will do that.  I think that is in process, but it is just that, an extended process.  Please don’t stand for cartoon analysis and easy answers.  There are no such things.