Switzerland: Not so ‘Wimpy’ Pictures

While much of the world sets a course to go bust for growth (R. Rajan’s speech to the Econ. Club of NY, PDF) the Swiss changed course to start the new year when they untied the Franc from the QE addled Euro.

From TradingEconomics.com, here is the graphical view of the latest GDP growth data.  No longer following Wimpy economic rules, the Swiss decided to pay for their hamburger today instead of on Tuesday.


The US is going to pay for its Hamburger on Tuesday, and Australia the Tuesday after that, and China the Tuesday after that, and Europe the Tuesday after that, and Japan… ah, Japan.

Yet unemployment rates have been declining in Switzerland, a country known for traditionally low unemployment rates.


Inflation is a non-issue in Switzerland.  To Keynesian economists it is considered a bad thing when people get to pay lower prices for necessary items.


Finally, the Swiss stock market has recovered after the initial mini-crash off of the Franc-Euro decoupling.


Above are just a few of the pictures available on the economy of one country that decided to take a different course.  For the balance of data, you can go here and check out the entire list (note the reference dates for most current information) of economic indicators.

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