WhaM! Equipment Sales for April

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We are working a ‘Whack-a-Mole’ (WhaM!) © (yes, it’s another Biiwii buzzword) theme that could see a bounce in the US economic data due to currency dynamics and other factors.  The Semiconductor equipment industry’s book-to-bill ratio (bookings) was stellar for April and that is a leader for manufacturing.

Another mole just popped up.  The aggregated “All Industries” sales data (from EDA) just came out and has continued to bounce in April.


Yet machine tools were still fairly moderate.


‘Hmmm… what industry could have done the heavy lifting?’ I wondered.  Office equipment?  Err, no.


Printing, Woodworking, Construction, Logging… all lame to tepid.  But apparently Agri equipment gets a seasonal bounce every year around this time, much like the Machine Tools do every December.


Just informally throwing stuff out there and learning something in the process.  Agri must be bulking up for planting and/or harvest.

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