Gold Miner Charts

Last week (13th) an NFTRH update entitled Bullish Flags noted these junior miners, with four of them in bull flags and one in an Inverted H&S.  All theoretically bullish patterns.

Considering the sector got whacked and is still struggling lower than it was last Friday, I think these are looking pretty good.  Apparently, effective stock selection and charting does matter in this sector.

KGI.TO snuck out of the flag and has continued upward.


LSG is still putzing around, but is better than the sector and higher than it was on the 13th.


AKG broke hard upward and is consolidating that.


AR.TO, as lame as it has been, is higher than when highlighted.

And then there is Mr. Inverted H&S himself, PG.TO.  This one is consolidating some news-inspired gains and still screwing around with the neckline.  It is right about where it was on the 13th.

But with the sector down I think these juniors of relative quality (IMO, do your own research) have hung in there pretty well.  I currently own 3 of them among a small group of miners in a sector that I am not yet ready to claim is fundamentally ready to go.  I’ll leave that to the gold stock professionals (i.e. the chronic ‘buy buy buy!’ guys).

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