NFTRH 318 Out Now

We begin the report with some interesting developments in the Semiconductor Equipment sector, which is where it (‘it’ being the phase where a Semi Equip. ramp up implied coming strength in ISM, ‘jobs’, economy) all began nearly 2 years ago in January of 2013.

We continue through the global economy, implied confidence in policy making, the US stock market’s ‘to blow off or not to blow off?’ question and so much more.

A good, solid report as most of them have been because like or not what is going on lately, the markets have been very readable and thus, interpretable.

Check out a subscription to the value that is the full NFTRH service.  Unless you are a momentum oriented day trader, you will probably be glad you did.  Indeed, even if you are a momo you will probably be pleased.  ;-)


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