NFTRH+; They Should All Work Like This (INTC)

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That way I could apply for my Guru card and that rarefied club might finally accept me!

2 Days ago NFTRH+ made a post on Intel (now public), referencing a daily chart pattern that had just formed, with a target of 40, which rather coolly was in confluence with the 40 +/- NFTRH+ target from June, when we first projected a big picture breakout.


I love confluence in markets and in indicators.  Love it.

Anyway, Intel dutifully dropped yesterday to test the breakout line – allowing those who were interested based on the update – to enter.  Today, we have fundamental news on Intel’s revenue outlook for 2015, including our original fundamental premise, which was mobile chips.

Like I said, they should all work out like this.  But they don’t.  Remember that next time someone even gives off the scent of being a guru.

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