NFTRH Update, A Few Stock Charts, 3 Potential Longs, 1 Short

A lower priority update looking at some constructive charts of non-precious metals items for anyone interested.  These might be considered along side some of the semiconductor items we have been following.

AAPL has an interesting pattern, which I bought on the breakout.  Now that it has settled back toward the breakout line, a low risk trade looks to have set up.  The target is noted as is a conservative ‘stop’ area (SMA 50) to manage risk.


GOGO was previously bought off of the Falling Wedge breakout and sold on the surge above the 50 day MA’s.  It is not a buy yet, but could be if the bumped up volume results in a break above 22, MACD trigger and going green and RSI getting through resistance.  Just something to watch for a potential trade setup.


SIMG is one of the Semi’s we have been following.  By weekly chart we noted a breakout and a potential buy if it were to decline to or close to 6.  Yesterday SIMG broke down from a little wedge and looks like it could fulfill that objective for would-be buyers.


Finally, CTCT is a potential short with a bearish H&S top.  About all I know of this company is that I used to pay them for a service that was inferior to the free MailChimp and that a good friend is a former employee who refers to the company as “Constant Heart Attack”.  The implied target if this holds below the neckline, is 17.


As with any individual stocks we note, these are just technical ideas for consideration.  Any action taken should be preceded by your individual due diligence.  Indeed, I may not even take all of these trades myself, other than AAPL, which is already held.