NFTRH Update, Trading Status of Several Items

Because these stocks were highlighted as potential trades, I want to keep tabs on them for anyone who is interested.

Broadcom (BRCM) is making the breakout today, as anticipated.  The target is noted and remains valid as long as the stock stays above the breakout line.  I am raising my ‘mental stop’ to around the green dotted line.


REE has declined to a ‘higher low’ and is still in line with the original intent of the trade.  A lower low to the first green arrow would terminate the trade.


UR Energy (URG) continues along in its large weekly bowl and is thus in line with the original intent of the trade.


The other highlighted trade was in Palladium fund PALL, which is still in its Symmetrical Triangle and above the 50 and 200 day moving averages and appears stable.

These are shorter term trading plays but I consider the main NFTRH mission to be on top of the macro markets with respect to what I believe are coming pivots in the stock market (January out through perhaps spring time) and the precious metals (December or January).

But the above items were mentioned as stocks I was buying and as long as the positions are open we will update them on occasion.