NFTRH Update, Tax Loss Season / Gold Stocks

This morning I initiated positions in AAU and TGD to go with the existing KDX.TO.  They were essentially flat when bought and I do not plan to chase anything.  The sector is by no means bullish because of one morning’s activity, but I am going to tuck a few of these things (also watching AKG, PG.TO and a few others) into the Roth IRA in hopes of…

a) a pop in the sector where these could be sold for a quick trade or preferably…

b) a longer hold as fallen items are bought all in and around tax loss season for a longer hold into January or hopefully (if we get sector bull signals) for much longer.

Just a quick ‘fyi’ update.   As you know, all of the above mentioned items are on my watch list and have value and/or low risk location propositions.

I will plan to hedge accordingly or even re-initiate ‘crash puts’ on the sector as the speculative urge strikes.