NFTRH Update, Another Tax Loss/Jan. Effect Trade

Along the same lines as the trades in Palladium and the REE’s, another resources sector that is strategic to a positive economic environment is Uranium.  The sector has been dead since Fukushima seemed to coincide with the end of the last commodity cycle in early 2011.


The Global X URA fund is a diversified way to play a would be ‘January effect’ in uranium.  Despite 2 previous years of decline, URA dropped again from the low 20’s to under 15 in 2013 as well.


Individual uranium prospect URG actually has a better chart.  It really does not qualify as a ‘tax loss’ candidate because the price has trended higher all year on the right side of what looks like a bowl-like bottoming pattern.  This one could be a good trade with a ‘stop loss’ being a break of the bowl line.  I will not be here with an announcement of such, so please do not trade unless you are willing to take full responsibility for it.

I have not added either of these items but am thinking of URA for the brokerage portfolio and URG as a trade potentially.  I am going to step back and watch for a while.  These are just ideas for people looking for seasonal trades.  That is what I am trying to do, dredge up ideas.  Some will work and some will not.