NFTRH Update 4.26.13, HUI 60 min. Chart

All is normal on the 60 minute chart.  The rally off of last week’s capitulation will continue to target the gaps at 300 and/or 320 if that remains the case.

HUI 60 min.

The 60 min. chart became over bought after the recent thrust.  The preferred limit to any pullback is the familiar 280 area, which we used to negate the bear flag potential.  There is a gap down near 265, which I do not want to see filled at this time because to get there price trend, MACD and RSI will probably have to go ‘abnormal’ to the current immediate term rally case.  There will be plenty of time to get that one later on any bottom testing (or new lows) that may go on in the sector.

This is just another simple visual for you.  The rally is very normal above 280 and even 275.  Below that it would become increasingly uncomfortable.

As a side note, I have stuck to my stated preference for trading as opposed to holding.  I had to force myself to part with some items like SAND and PVG that provided excellent short-term gains just as I had previously done with TGD.  I felt bad selling that one but do you know what?  I now own it again at a lower price than it was sold, and am sporting a loss to boot.

The point is that in the view of a trader, these items are for generating profit even if all 3 mentioned are ones that I will seek to hold for a long while if and when the anticipated new bull market materializes.  I owe them nothing.  Certainly not my devotion until something is proven technically by the sector as a whole.