A Creamy NUGT

Yesterday I got to tell the world about my lousy trade, being short 3x gold miner bull NUGT.  Writing a post about it was the easy part.  Losing money hand over fist being short my favorite sector for the current environment was the hard part. Still, I gritted it out and stuck to my guns with one of the “guns” being a sense that the … Continue reading A Creamy NUGT

NUGT Short

In the screen shot intro for NFTRH 347 a couple posts ago it was noted that the short position in NUGT was covered.  Profit was taken on the short amidst a reduction in risk by other indicators. But that reduction in risk is not a fine market timer.  As today’s rally began to fizzle I re-shorted NUGT to go along with my few holdings in … Continue reading NUGT Short