NFTRH; Gold Stock Correction Update

The longer the correction has gone on the more it has moved from the look of a minor topping pattern to a potential consolidation pattern, with the overbought readings addressed through both price and time. Personally, I feel well corrected even though I have retained the majority of profits. That is because of the time element and the mental grind of hedging, balancing and analyzing … Continue reading NFTRH; Gold Stock Correction Update


NFTRH; GDX & GDXJ Daily Technicals (med. priority)

Gold stocks are not responding well to the deflationary whiff in the air and I continue to think that is because they got caught up with the inflation crowd (gold is silver is copper is tin is oil is hogs is ‘resources’). For a real sector buy, it needs to be apart from these items and counter-cyclical. Anyway, none of that matters in the here … Continue reading NFTRH; GDX & GDXJ Daily Technicals (med. priority)


NFTRH; Dialing in the Gold Miner Buy Zone

For we gold bugs in the NFTRH sphere, let’s have a specific update on a subject that is hitting my inbox a lately; a potential buy area for the miners. Apparently CNBC is making fun of gold, analysts of different types (systems, EW, cycles… ) are bullish, no bearish, no bullish… dohhh. It is tax loss selling season and the sector seems all but forgotten … Continue reading NFTRH; Dialing in the Gold Miner Buy Zone


NFTRH; Gold Stocks, Daily Charts

Daily technicals with no cluttering fundamental or sentiment commentary.

HUI hit resistance above 240 in the form of the neckline to a pattern that could actually prove bullish.  I have been thinking at least the first gap may fill but so far, it’s not happening.  The pattern, which some would call an Inverted H&S (bullish reversal) is actually a consolidation of some kind with a bullish look to it.  If it were to play out that way it measures to around 275.

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NFTRH; A Look at the Miner Bounce (GDX, GDXJ & SIL Daily Charts)

A technical update using daily charts for those micro managing the daily moves and shorter-term trends.  Fundamentally, I like that the stock market and crude oil have reversed downward today, but one in-day reversal there does not change recent fundamental discussion just yet.  But it is reflective of what would need to be happening on a sustained basis for me to get aggressively bullish the gold sector.

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NFTRH; Gold Stocks, USD and the ‘Inflation Trade’

Here we play the short-term technical game again despite the gold sector running against its own fundamentals (i.e. as the ‘inflation trade’, including mining cost input oil, continues higher).  At some point this will matter.

But on the other side of the coin are price, momentum and technicals.  A Monday open can be a tricky thing, but as of this moment GDX is in a posture to break the most recent consolidation.

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NFTRH; Pullback Parameters for GDX, GDXJ & SIL

The precious metals were due to pull back and here is a pullback.  Please review this morning’s post for a look at how the macro market is setting up for the gold sector’s next bullish phase.  Remember that we launched fundamentally based on gold’s out performance of nearly everything else, as indicated by the weak silver-gold ratio.  But the rally matures as silver vs. gold matures.

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Are Diamonds a Junior Miner’s Best Friend?

GDXJ is going to break one way or the other pretty soon.  It’s in a Diamond, which is a consolidation pattern, usually thought to have no bias between trend continuation (in this case up) or reversal.  If it ends up breaking down it will have been a volatile reversal pattern that whipsawed everybody up and down for a month, making sure every last desperado who … Continue reading Are Diamonds a Junior Miner’s Best Friend?