NFTRH+; tax loss seasonal play at clear support

Fanuc is a Japanese company that produces robots and CNC machinery for manufacturing. It has heavy footprints in the US and China, among other global areas. I am also a former customer and can vouch for the quality of the company’s products. That said, in order to be constructive on Fanuc you’d want to also be constructive on the global economy and the wider Japan … Continue reading NFTRH+; tax loss seasonal play at clear support

nftrh plus

NFTRH+ Trade Setup; Fanuc

Well, here is Mr. Inverted H&S showing up again.  We had something similar in BEN last week, something similar potentially on RUT/IWM… indexes, stocks, US, global… these bounce patterns seem to be popping up everywhere. A little history for those who do not know.  First of all, I am a former manufacturing guy and I have a long history with this quality machine tool company.  … Continue reading NFTRH+ Trade Setup; Fanuc