NFTRH+; Video Update on GDX

During the update I watched GDX go from slightly negative to slightly positive. I literally talked myself into taking the profit on gold miner short, DUST. The correction is likely not over, but with the oversold condition I am going to do what I did with broad market shorts and take the darn profit on the miner short. I will not be averse to re-shorting if a bounce materializes. But the main goal is a significant buying opportunity upcoming.

Meanwhile, the update reviews the particulars of what’s in play for GDX.


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  1. Peter

    Helpful video fill below would be nice.

    1. Gary

      Agree. Now it will be interesting to see if that comes sooner or later. Assuming it’s coming, which I’ll continue to favor until given reason not to.

  2. Peter

    Not scaling in anonymous.betting on a gap fill.we will see

    1. Gary

      I just deleted the anonymous comment because it was me, before I realized that WordPress is now requiring me to sign in in order to comment as ‘me’.

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