Attn: Subscribers, re. NFTRH 753

#753 is going to step away from the normal standard format of covering market segments and indicators in orderly fashion and just get down to business. I want to be pointed, not blunt or formulaic.

As the most recent update implies, and actually with today’s two updates taken together, you can see there are differing potentials on near-term outcomes covering very different financial markets.

The plan is as it has been. I am still planning for trouble in H2, 2023 but I want to thoroughly examine the potentials of the bear market rally, including or especially from the standpoint of commodities as well as the new bull market leg going on in the precious metals complex. There is still the better part of 3 months before H2 even starts, and there are crosscurrents in play that can keep us safe or make our year, profit-wise, depending on which plays out.

I won’t write a book here but instead, just note how we’re going to dial in this weekend.