Cidara Therapeutics (CDTX): Seriously?

Cidara Therapeutics stock (CDTX) dive bombs, fills gap, tears ass

Seriously? The history is that this was brought to my attention by subscriber RK, a learned guy about the Biotech sphere. I missed the original launch in January, was able to buy the subsequent dive bomb to support (seriously?), took 100%+ profit on half the position (removing original capital), decided to hold the rest and then looked at the dive bomb yesterday and thought are they seriously gonna fill that gap at .93? Seriously? Ah, yeah, seriously.

Cidera Therapeutics stock (CDTX)

Yesterday’s trade log before today’s near 18% rebound:

Increased CDTX on the utter tank job to just above the gap @ .93. Back to the full previous position and then some.

Seriously. It was like the thing was dead set on filling that gap. It was almost too logical, which is why I did not wait for the gap to fill. It hearkens back to when I used to see traders talking about market makers as if they were essence of all evil. Well, yes. If you allow them to be, I guess. Yesterday I imagined whoever is running this stock going full Rambo to run retail out of it and get that gap out of the way to boot.

It can’t be as easy as just going back to the highs. Although there is a gap way up there too. A big one. Cidara Therapeautics… a thrill a minute (or at least every day). Not for the faint of heart or those not paying attention.

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