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As you may know I’ve been having a heck of a time trying to tweak the website for performance and while the performance is up to snuff, a bug has appeared with respect to the ‘Print’ button below the posts.

In particular, printing and/or printing to PDF is no longer working neatly, even when selecting the ‘simplified’ print option. At best (simplified option) it looks okay but pages are interrupting charts/graphics and at worst (original option) the printing is messy in appearance.

I’ll continue working on this as time allows. But the whole point was to have better posts for reading online and that has been accomplished. I just don’t know where the printing bug came from. It was not there a couple days ago. Worst comes to worst, I’ll do more NFTRH reports in Pages/PDF format as per previous.

Just wanted to let you know that I’m aware of the issue.


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  1. PaulP

    f.w.i.w., I like to read reports as printed hard copies ( . . . can scribble notes in the margins or on the charts as I read).
    A good workaround for me is to simply ‘cut’ the report content & ‘paste’ it into a word doc file.
    From there I just print it out & it all works well.
    All text comes out at the correct size & all charts are formatted to fit on (or within) a page with no overlap.
    This is very good workaround for me. It may be good for you as well.

    Further to the above , I found that when using the ‘PRINT’ feature (to either print to printer or to print to a PDF) the charts would all fit nicely but the text would appear very small (say font size=5?).
    This would occur even if I used the ‘simplified’ option. Maybe something buggy at my end.

    In any event, I have my workaround as mentioned above & I like it.

  2. MR Brecker

    @PaulP I have been doing what you describe (copy content -cut not possible) – and paste into word ever since NFTRH reports started being published on the website.

    Same for any other internet article consisitng of text and graphics.

    On firefix browser I recommend setting the “reader view” first (icon in the address bar). This removes superfluous content on the side margins. You can then use “edit/ select all / copy” before going to Word and pasting.

    1. Gary

      Guys, have you tried the new ‘Print’ button? On my end it formats nicely and prints or creates a PDF that is clean and neat.

  3. PaulP

    Hi Gary,
    Yes the new ‘PRINT” button is now working very nicely for me, both as a hard copy or as a soft PDF copy.
    Thank you for taking the time to sort this all out.

    1. Gary

      Best news I’ve had all day, Paul!

  4. PaulP

    @MR Brecker, Yes of course, it’s ‘copy’ content & paste NOT ‘cut’ content.
    Thanks for the excellent tip re: Firefox’s ‘Reader view’ feature . . . been using Firefox for a decade & did not even know about that.
    Makes life very easy for printing hard copy’s at different websites.
    Again Thanks.
    Cheers from Down-Under

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