NFTRH+; here’s what would bolster the more speculative commodity/resources trades

Very simply, if the party is going to include the more speculative inflation-sensitive stuff (remember, Fed hawk relief can also temporarily aid the inflation trades that got hammered due to said Fed hawking) the TSX-V will need to participate. That means all those little ‘.V’ stocks (from Energy/Uranium/Battery metals to base and precious metals exploration) up in Canada.

In other words, the rally would eventually include the highly speculative stuff if it goes on long enough. That would, by the way, logically signal the rally’s latter stages as well.

So here is ‘da V’, taking out the SMA 50 this week and tentatively turning that level to important short-term support. If this holds, the next logical milestone would be the hard downtrending SMA 200. Just a snapshot for your consideration.



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  1. Bart

    Nice work. And I think you might on to something, as this “inflation relief” rally seems supported by the China reopening (BTW, the zero covid policy was IMO only implemented to nip potential protests against Xi’s third term in the bud).

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