FYI, Rick Ackerman commenting here on gold (and Apple)

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Just a heads up that a guy I’ve known of and respected for many years has been commenting on this post from Monday about the negative divergences to inflation:

Not inflation friendly

I note it because if one of the typical gold bug knuckleheads had shown up here I’d be disappointed. But a guy who goes his own way and calls it as he sees it, not as one herd or another wants him to see it, is very welcome indeed.

He’s got a target of 1830 on gold, which was also my/NFTRH’s best support target. Some Apple and Bitcoin thoughts too.

His website is here, by the way.


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  1. Michael B

    Although /GC did just touch $1830, it was not during regular market hours, and to my understanding, it needs to. Combine that with an expected retest (hopefully, During RMH) it may yet happen this week. Or not.
    Personally, I’m looking for $1820, but not necessarily a Touch n’ Run. The inflation narrative is also still ruling the roost, per this morning’s CPI number, so I’m sitting back and sitting on hands for now, but watching. And waiting.

    1. Gary

      My hands are nice and warm too, Michael. So overwhelmingly in cash while building a gold position very slowly.

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