NFTRH 696, part 3

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Here is a snapshot of how the portfolios ended the week. The yellow shaded items had transactions today per the Trade Log. Items are in order of position size (symbol, position size percentage and today’s price change).

It was a very good week overall and today was no exception. But I’ve willingly taken the red in some broad stocks as a hedge against war relief of whatever kind may come about and I held Uranium positions despite the big pullback. I considered increasing them and adding another gold stock or two (NGD, AEM) but did not want to over step or get greedy.

Model had no activity, sitting on its hands today.

Regular taxable ‘savings’ added SIL & WPM and reduced MAIFF due to the big spike to the downtrending SMA 200 (and due to soundly conservative portfolio management).

Roth IRA increased WPM, reduced PALL & MAIFF and hedged with TZA. Also, there is a pending cash adjustment (not shown) of +2.5%.