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[edit] #696 will be done in increments as I see notable market situations. By tomorrow there should be several updates, which will comprise this week’s report.

NFTRH 696 will be posted here as an online edition due to a personal commitment that arose. It will be posted by 12:00 PM US Eastern time on Saturday, March 5th.

The report will probably look more like an extended update, not the usual format. I’ll try to hit key points to have us ready for the week before FOMC and what will probably be the usual market volatility of that event, with a far worse event still in progress in Ukraine.

As a side note, the lens I am looking through is one where I want to be protective of the gains that have come about lately amid the war and associated global fear. Add in a side order of FOMC, which may not be allowed by market forces to back down from its hawk stance, and we’ve got a full plate of key issues to deal with.

The following week should see NFTRH 697 back to a normal format.