NFTRH+; As This Miner Drops to Target

As MAI.V (MAIFF) drops to the target as advised to President/Director Doug Ramshaw in this message exchange back in January (and as reproduced in NFTRH 639)…


…I’d like to update the situation.

We are at that .52 – .55 zone around the 38% Fib. The stock is moderately oversold and pending the sector itself, this is a place where a buyer who wants to own the stock could start to nibble. Already among my larger positions I am going to wait to see if the low .40s can be had on some kind of final capitulation event, which could be sector-driven or driven by a large shareholder or tired retail bailing.

There is no new news that I am aware of and sometimes holders just give in (it’s been 7 months of corrective grind, after all).