NFTRH+; a List of Specs [w/ edit]

[edit #2] Some of these will require fishing with lower day or GTC bids, not buying the ask.

Thank you to those who popped me some ideas on your TSX-V type speculative ideas. I’ve added the ones that I’d like to keep on watch to the ones I’ve already had on watch and listed them in my TradingView screen under the US symbols.

With some of these things being low volume and most of them penny stocks, I wanted to post the list here before I buy anything, if applicable. The items tagged green are the ones I am most interested in with USAU and SMDZF probably out front.

Just an FYI and most certainly not a recommendation because they are speculative, I am not a stock analyst and well, it’s the TSX-V, home of the cow pastures and barren holes in the ground.

Side note: I already own GAYMF (GWM.V) and have started a position in EMRRF (OGN.V), so they are not included here, but appear to be prime examples of what I’d be looking for in a combo of chart and (hopefully) non-scammy company.

[edit] Per request, here are the Canadian symbols for the above and also a couple of new ideas.

ABI.V, BTU.V, C.V, GIS.V, GMX.TO, JG.V, LGD.TO, NHK.TO, NOCR.V, NOM.CA, RDS.V, SMD.V & TRG.CA (USAU appears to be listed only in the US).

Also, SAE.V, BNAU.TO and DSV.V just came in as new ideas.

Okay now, I should get back to the boring world of macro market management! ;-)