NFTRH Premium 2 Week Free Trial is Back

I removed the free trial for a couple of weeks due to the gathering hype in the financial markets, especially in silver. I did not want people signing up due to the casino atmosphere, anticipating quick hits in this casino. NFTRH is more of an ongoing, ‘all markets’ type of service.

While my positions are on balance very green and some trades have exploded to the upside, that is not the long-term focus. The long-term focus is simply to be on the right side of the markets. Always.

Long story short, the silver promotion has been cleaned out, markets are doing as anticipated after the recent blip and forward we move. I am happy to once again provide you with a risk-free 2 week trial (button at right or contact for other other options). It’s not for you? Cancel at any time within the first 2 weeks with no strings attached. Love it? Simply stay on as long as you’d like with monthly billing, which can always be converted to yearly for a discount when you really really love it.