Email Issues in General, and Attn: Canadian Subscribers [w/ edit]

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[edit] Luckily, it is just a few in the subscriber base with or addresses, and most had contacted me by last night and have been forwarded from, and added to the alternative list. 

There is something going on out there with the spam police in general. I’ve noticed it with my own customers ending up in spam at my own Gmail and Network Solutions accounts. I now have to check spam every day lest I fail to respond to some subscribers or other valid emailers who contact me.

But this morning, the host I use to send NFTRH report and update emails is getting caught up in a larger spam issue, per his note to me this morning:

FYI, i’ve opened the ticket below with our provider. We’re currently a little fish getting caught in a big net and other than asking for help, there’s nothing i can do at the moment.

“The transactional email sending host we run on our Linode (“send”) is currently unable to send email to any domains serviced by in Canada. That includes any email addresses and Several of our customers are currently unable to send transactional email (like e-commerce sales receipts, website registration confirmations, subscription newsletters, etc.) to any addresses in these domains.

We’ve checked and none of the IP’s associated with our Linode are listed on any blacklists that we can find anywhere, but this German blacklist called uceprotect-network is listing Linode’s entire IP block. They say that this is because too many hosts within the block are sending spam…”

If you have not received NFTRH 639 this is the reason. Please contact me ASAP and I will forward from the Gmail account and can also add you to an alternative email list for the future.