NFTRH Admin Update for Subscribers

Hi folks,

An unforeseen round trip to NYC today has cropped up on my to-do list and as such it is time to give myself and you a break on the 60+ page reports we’re accustomed to.

Unless I get carried away, as sometimes happens when I try and fail to compact the analysis, NFTRH 633 will be an abbreviated edition. Ideally I’d like it to be bullet points covering each regular segment but with no charts or in-depth drilling down into any particular subject.

I give it my all every week and once in a while I think it does us all some good to keep it light and airy. We know where we are at with the stock market’s internals, sentiment and TA. We’ll lightly cover each. We’ll briefly discuss global markets as well.

We know where we are at with the precious metals and I’ll update targets and parameters. Review the various commodity/resources spaces and the rest of the usual subjects, all in a brief conversational way.

That’s the intention, anyway. See you Sunday with an abbreviated but on point NFTRH 633.