Attn: Subscribers… error corrected

Thanks to alert subscriber Jordan I became aware of a mistake where when doing the chart of the Silver/Gold ratio in the opening segment I inadvertently showed it as Silver/[Barrick] GOLD. The chart has been fixed and now shows the Silver/Gold ratio. Luckily, the message of the chart is still the same. Please deep six your original and go to the archive and grab the … Continue reading Attn: Subscribers… error corrected

NFTRH 613 Out Now

Doing the usual job of looking ahead, we have managed the registering of NFTRH’s extreme upside targets in some important macro indicators and now it is time not be be caught guessing. The ride has been great and now is the time to understand what’s in play out there, which is decidedly different than what was in play in March and April. I feel good … Continue reading NFTRH 613 Out Now