This Bear Keeps Jumping those Creeks

Great Bear Resources (GBR.V, GTBAF) is by a wide margin my largest single stock position (not just in the miners, but overall) and I owe my confidence in holding it to pal Scott and NFTRH subscriber and geologist, Michael. I married their opinions together and held this thing through the big dump in March, turning a significant paper gain into a paper loss, added some recently after it failed to do the right thing and test clear support at 9.20 and continue to hold, waiting for the significant pullback that never seems to materialize in order to consider adding more.

But that’s the thing. This stock, driven by a CEO who I respect (listen to Chris Taylor speak and you can’t help but be impressed) just keeps going, keeps jumping those creeks and not filling those gaps. It’s a sign of a stock that thinks it knows where it’s going. The raw power of it.

I am not adding more unless something happens to drive it down to the SMA 50 at least. But I am +102% on GBR.V and +125% on GTBAF and not even thinking of selling it. Usually I would, but I have grizzly memories of a couple stocks I’ve sold for seemingly good profits only to see them a few years later having made what would have been life altering profits. So I hold and continue to think like a buyer in the event of a decent drop. Not a seller.

great bear resources