NFTRH+; Gold & Silver Futures, Daily Charts

Gold is still wearing its happy face (that content looking pattern) :-) as it maintains the SMA 50 and support and thus continues to target 1940.

Trends are and have been firmly up as the metal deals with longer-term resistance. One thing you can say here is that the long, going nowhere grind of a consolidation and negative RSI divergence has taken all of the enthusiasm out of the metal and in the gold market that is usually a good thing.

gold price

Silver is in an unpleasant short-term pattern and today has begun testing the SMA 200, and that is a good thing. Better support is at the up sloping SMA 50, which is rising to meet lateral support. That pattern measures to around 16, which would be registered while ultimately holding the SMA 50.

silver price

Gold looks better to me but both metals are intact at this time.